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Interior & Exterior Detailing
The client needs to stop by ICON and let Brad evaluate their car. If you put two vehicles next to each other and they were the same make, model, color and year, there would be some distinguishing mark or characteristic that would make one car slightly more expensive and time consuming to detail than the other.
Paint Correction
What is paint correction?
Paint correction refers to the process of removing the imperfections in a vehicle’s finish and restoring to its optimum potential. These imperfections include, swirl marks or “spider webbing” from circular washing, automatic carwashes, fine scratches, water spots, bird dropping etching, hologramming and buffer trails caused by inexperienced detailers. Some detailers will simply fill in fine scratches in your paint. In other words, your scratches are hidden by waxes that they apply and will be revealed after you wash your vehicle several times. The only true way to remove scratches from your vehicle’s paint is with the process of paint correction, one of my specialties here at ICON. Once the paint has been re-leveled, polished, and sealed, your finish will look as close to new as can be achieved. However, proper maintenance is needed so that the imperfections don’t return or are kept to a minimum.
Scratch Removal
Brad will be able to tell you whether a scratch or scratches can be removed and can also recommend an excellent body shop nearby in the event it cannot be corrected.
Headlight Restoration
Headlights are the eyes of your vehicle; it doesn’t matter how clean the car is, it still looks run-down and old if your headlights are cloudy. Besides the visual and cosmetic aspect of having oxidized headlights, it’s a hazard to your safety. This is very important to address. When you’re driving at night with headlights that need to be restored, the distance your headlamps project onto the road in front of you reduces and minimizes your ability to see adequately. The process used at ICON is a multi-stage correction that involves sanding/removal of all oxidation, corrosion, and dead plastic on the exterior surface of the headlight lens. Upon completing the lens restoration, Brad puts a protective coating that bonds to the plastic to bring out more clarity and to protect the lens from corrosion, oxidation, UV damage and ultimate failure. When you bring your vehicle in for Headlight Restoration service, ICON will tell you whether or not they are correctable. ICON will warrantee them for 1 year. If you have any problems with your headlights within that time-frame just bring your car back and it will be corrected.
Paint Coating

Coatings offer the highest level of protection and shine when pitched against waxes and sealants.